GCP Clinical Research along with its subsidiary, GCP Cancer Research are committed to improving all lives touched by our clinical research. We are success-oriented, responsible, research professionals dedicated to the advancement of medicine by ensuring accurate and reliable clinical research data. We aim to conduct the highest quality Clinical Trials on investigational medications being developed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our bilingual research team has a combined experience of over 100 years involving more than 200 Phase I-IV Clinical Trials. This experience combined with the philanthropic efforts of our patients make new treatment modalities possible and it is only through their efforts that we can advance medical discoveries.

With our growing population, diseases are increasing. Many medications are becoming obsolete for certain diseases such as bacterial infections; therefore, new and effective treatment options are needed urgently. A clinical trial is a carefully designed study which tests the benefits and risks of a specific medical treatment or intervention. Once the results of all required clinical trial phases show that the new treatment is safe and effective, the results are submitted to the FDA who carefully reviews all the data received. After weighing the benefits and risks of the potential medicine, the FDA will decide whether to grant approval.

The protection of research participants is paramount to our work. At GCP Clinical Research, our research team specializes in recruitment of qualified patients for enrollment in clinical trials. We pre-screen qualified patients and provide them with materials to educate them about the trial before asking for their consent. Our caring staff takes the time to answer their questions and provide continued support and advocacy throughout their participation in the clinical trial to promote retention. If you are a patient, sponsor or CRO who desires to align with the best that clinical research has to offer, welcome to GCP Clinical Research.